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Artist: Iron Fire
Title: Beyond the Void
Catalog no.: 17.0016


Artist: Brood of Hatred
Title: Identity Disorder
Catalog no.: 18.0021
Artist: Iron Fire
Title: Dawn of Creation
Catalog no.: 18.0020
Artist: Marius Danielsen
Title: Legend of Valley Doom - Part 2
Catalog no.: 18.0022



Artist: Critical Solution
Title: Barbara the Witch
Catalog no.: 17.0017
Artist: Vanora
Title: Momentum
Catalog no.: 17.0018



Artist: Art of Deception
Title: Shattered Delusions
Catalog no.: 16.0015
Artist: Blodsmak
Title: Gjennom marg og bein
Catalog no.: 15.0013
Artist: Bridgeville
Title: Aftershock
Catalog no.: 15.0007
Artist: Fear Theories
Title: The Predator
Catalog no.: 16.0014
Artist: Iron Fire
Title: Among the Dead
Catalog no.: 14.0006



Artist: Arkentype
Title: Disorientated
Catalog no.: 15.0010
Artist: Groundless
Title: Adrenaline
Catalog no.: 13.0001
Artist: Impalers
Title: God from the Machine
Catalog no.: 15.0008
Artist: Killing Gandhi
Title: Cinematic Parallels
Catalog no.: 15.0009
Artist: Marius Danielsen
Title: Legend of Valley Doom
Catalog no.: 15.0012
Artist: Vingulmork
Title: Chiaroscuro
Catalog no.: 15.0011



Artist: Brood of Hatred
Title: Skinless Agony
Catalog no.: 13.0002
Artist: Dimenzion Psychosphere
Title: Collapse
Catalog no.: 14.0005
Artist: Escapetor
Title: Fear
Catalog no.: 14.0003
Artist: Innsmouth
Title: The Shadow Over Innsmouth
Catalog no.:  14.0004


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