Brood of Hatred - 'Skinless Agony'

Artist: Brood of Hatred
Title: Skinless Agony
Catalogno.: 13.0002
Format: CD
Release date: 10.03.2014
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Tunisia


Death Metal is what Tunisian Brood of Hatred brings on their first full-length album Skinless Agony. Top notch musicianship combined with technical brutality makes Skinless Agony a coming classic within the genre. Brood of Hatred is a North African triumph of extreme Metal. A must-have for all Opeth and general progressive Death Metal fanatics.


Line up:

Muhammed Mêlki   Vocals & Bass
Muhammed Bouchir   Guitar
Melik Melek Khelifa   Guitar
Hazem Jaziri   Drums



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