Iron Fire - 'Among the Dead'

Artist: Iron Fire
Title: Among the Dead
Catalogno.: 14.0006
Format: CD incl. Bonus Tracks, LP, Limited Edition Red LP, Limited Edition MC incl. Bonus Tracks, and Digital Download
Release date: 16.09.2016
Genre: Power Metal
Country: Denmark
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Headbang like it’s 1999…!?! Then Among the Dead should be your obvious choice. The last offering from Iron Fire is as old school as it’s going to get, here sixteen years into the millennium.

The nineties spawned a lot of power metal classics, and Among the Dead is made in the spirit of those. Albums like Black in Mind (Rage), The Dark Saga (Iced Earth) and Better Than Raw (Helloween) are all blueprints for the making of Among the Dead.

Recorded in Death Island Studio with engineer Marco Angioni and Mixed in Poland's finest metal studio Hertz Studios, heaviness is guaranteed, along with melodic hooks, blistering guitars and pounding power metal bass drumming.

This is no bullshit metal from the heart, made by Denmark's finest power metal outlet.


Line up:

Martin Steene   Vocals and Bass
Kirk Backarach   Guitars
Gunnar Olsen   Drums



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