Clive Nolan - 'Song of the Wildlands'

Artist: Clive Nolan
Title: Song of the Wildlands
Catalog no.: 20.0030
  • Earbook (2 CDs, DVD, and Blu-ray)
    Gatefold Double LP
  • Limited Gatefold Blood Red Double LP (200)
  • Digital Download
Release date: 14.05.2021
Genre: Progressive Rock
Country: United Kingdom
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“Song of the Wildlands” is an album with a grand and epic sound.
The final recording was made with the contribution of a vast number of musicians, including 4 soloists: Ryan Morgan (baritone), Christina Booth (Alto), Natalie Barnett (alto) and Gemma Ashley (soprano); rock musicians playing guitars, bass, keyboard, drums; traditional instrumentalists on violin, horn, oboe, key harp, psalmodikon, lyre, and many others.
Finally, a 200-voice choir singing in Anglo-Saxon (Old English), recorded all over the world during the lockdown in spring 2020. The initial idea was to see if such an experiment was even possible, but it soon turned into a huge international project and resulted in a powerful choral sound forming the backbone of the whole album.
The lyrics sung by the choir were translated into Old English by a historical consultant specializing in the culture of medieval England, Christopher Monk.
The album will be released in spring 2021 by the Norwegian label Crime Records with the collaboration of We Låve Rock Music.

The Earbook is a vinyl-size hardback book containing four discs:

  • CD 1: The original album “Song of the Wildlands
  • CD 2: Special Instrumental version of “Song of the Wildlands”, plus bonus: The Narration performed by Ross Andrews.
  • DVD/Blu-ray: The Making of “Song of the Wildlands” – Feature Documentary by Neil Monaghan.

Inside the book, you will find a sumptuous compendium of amazing artwork by David Wyatt, photographs, English and Old-English lyrics, and numerous details about the project. 



Track: Duration:   CD:   LP:
1.   The Story Begins   3:05   CD1-1   A1
2.   There's a Threat   4:53   CD1-2   A2
3.   Crossing the Ocean   4:28   CD1-3   A3
4.   Beowulf's Promise   3:23   CD1-4   A4
5.   Grendel Attacks   4:21   CD1-5   A5
6.   Celebration   2:14   CD1-6    B1
7.   The Hag's Revenge   2:49   CD1-7    B2
8.   Journey   3:17   CD1-8    B3
9.   Underwater Cavern   3:50   CD1-9   B4
10.   Rewards   6:07   CD1-10   B5
11.   Beowulf, the King   4:00   CD1-11   C1
12.   Dragon Fire   4:58   CD1-12   C2
13.   The Warrior Dies   2:42   CD1-13   C3
14.   Funeral Pyre   5:15   CD1-14   C4
15.   The Story Ends   1:38   CD1-15   C5
    The Narration   11:20       D1
    Journey [Instrumental]   3:18       D2
    Celebration [Instrumental]   2:16       D3


Line up: 

Clive Nolan   Orchestration, keyboards, and programming
Vicki Swan   Nyckelharpa
Mark Westwood   Electric Guitar
Stig Andre Clason   Acoustic Guitar
Arnfinn Isaksen   Bass Guitar
Scott Higham   Drums
Geir Johansen   Extra Percussion
Birgitte Njå   Lur
Morten Clason   Flute
Ross Andrews   Narrator
Ryan Morgan   Vocals – Beowulf
Christina Booth   Vocals – Tyra
Gemma Ashley   Vocals – Solveig
Natalie Barnett   Vocals – Freja
Ensemble Anonym   Plainchant
The "Wildland Warriors Choir"   Choir



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