Wednesday, 28 April 2021 10:25


It is with a heavy heart (no pun intended), we have to announce yet again postponements for some of our projects.

All postponements are once again due to production problems at the production facilities related to the Covid19-pandemic.

We are as sick and tired of this virus and the problem it causes as any of you. But the health of the production staff is and will always be the main focus.
That said, we have also taken necessary measures to avoid this ever happening again for upcoming future projects.

The postponements apply to these two projects:

Marius Danielsen's Legend of Valley Doom  - Part 3 - Gatefold Double LP

Unfortunately, the LPs have been delayed. We hoped to have them ready for the release date, but due to both a problem with the test press that set us back a few weeks and the extended production time due to the Covid19-pandemic, it was unfortunately impossible.

At the moment, we don't have an exact date for delivery, but we will update you as soon as we know.

We will compensate the ones affected by this with a code for a digital download of the album. The code will be sent to you on the day of the release.

The CD orders will start shipping by the end of this week.


Clive Nolan - Song of the Wildlands

We are sorry to announce that the whole release will be postponed. This is due to extended production times for both the CD Earbook and the two editions of the Gatefold Double LP.

In co-operation with We Låve Rock Music and Clive Nolan, we have decided on a new release date set for September 1st.

The reason for such a lengthy postponement is mainly to avoid a release date during the summer break and maybe yet another unforeseen delay.

The good news is that we will also produce a Digipak CD version of the album due to many requests by you. This will be added to preorder very soon.



We are genuinely sorry for all the inconvenience this causes.

Thank you for your understanding, patience, and support of all our artists. We appreciate it.

All the best,

Crime Records

Thursday, 28 January 2021 15:08

CMM and CRIME RECORDS partners up!

CMM and Norwegian Cult Label CRIME RECORDS:
New Partnership Walked by Faith in Fairness towards Artists

CMM GmbH, known for working with big names in the music biz as well as for caring for independent artists from all around the globe with their Service for Artist Owned Labels (SAOL), has now entered a partnership with the Norwegian independent label Crime Records AS. Kicking off with the kaleidoscopic all-star concept Marius Danielsen's Legend of Valley Doom and the grand finale of his epic trilogy in February, the like-minded companies will join forces to help extraordinary artists with nurturing their own self-sustainability.

Founded back in 2013 by amongst others Martin Steene (Iron Fire), Crime Records’ primary focus lies on fairness towards their artists, explicitly refraining from practices such as oppressive contracts. The label’s A&R team is known for their ability to find inventively outstanding approaches to rock and metal and therefore re-shaping particularly the progressive flanks throughout these genres. In recent years, Crime Records’ honest modesty and clear vision have gained the interest of renowned cult artists such as prog mastermind Clive Nolan (Arena, Pendragon) and multi-instrumentalist Asgeir Mickelson (Veil of Secrets, ex-Borknagar++), who have already signed up. And with a passion for music, they're not afraid to take on art-projects such as the debut from critically acclaimed Vitam Aeternam.

CMM Head Of Promo Sonja about the new cooperation: “After 2020, looking at this new year packed with exciting releases by a line-up of perky artists gets us thrilled!”. Thomas Steen-Larsen, CEO of Crime Records, adds: "We're really looking forward to getting this new partnership (rockin' and) rolling! It became clear to us quite early that the passion, vision, and general vibe presented to us was something we could connect to. So we're excited to be able to present our upcoming projects with CMM in our corner."


The story of Valley Doom continues, and the epic conclusion to the trilogy will soon be in your possession. Legend of Valley Doom - Part 3 comes out on March 19th, 2021. Available on CD, Double Gatefold LP, and digital formats.
Preorder physical editions here:
And digital download here:
Follow our heroes’ journey as they search for magic weapons, battle foul beasts, and discover new lands. Only when the Seven Ancient Artefacts are united they will have the power to bring down the Dark Lord and end his reign of terror. Will the people of Valley Doom ever find peace? A dangerous road of sorrow and pain lies ahead.
“Darkened days and darkened nights.
A world in terror, no end in sight
The Ancient God still showed some light.
In these darkened days and darkened nights.”

Sunday, 20 December 2020 18:00

New Signing!

Crime Records are excited to announce the signing of the new Norwegian act OCTOHAWK.
We had most of our plans laid down for the coming year when we were introduced to this excellent gang of lads by a friend of ours. The clear message we received was: You better check out this band! And so we did.
Firstly, getting their promo package told us immediately that we had to do with a creative and productive band.
Listening to their music put our headbanging genes to the test. And watching their video turned our evil grins on our faces into big smiles.
We think their unique take on the combination of Sludge, Prog, Stoner, and Doom is something that will get many a music lover excited, and being the cool guys that they are, what's not to like!
"It's official; we have struck a deal with Crime Records! We had one meeting with these fabulous people, and it was love at first sight. This collaboration is the perfect team for our upcoming debut album ANIMIST! We have now signed the deal, and the spoil is imminent! The first single from ANIMIST will be released soon, and we are primed and ready to give you some new heavy shit!"
More information about the full-length debut album "Animist" will come in the coming weeks. It will be made available on a Digipak CD, Digital Download, and on all Major Streaming services in the spring of 2021.

Wednesday, 16 December 2020 16:00


Sometimes you hear something that grabs your attention straight away. Something different. But at the same time, something familiar, something you feel at home with straight away. And the only thing you are quite sure of is that you have to explore it some more. And more.

That was the first impression when I checked out a link sent to us one night. An unknown band for me, but the music was so intriguing and done in such an effortless and playful way. And without any boundaries. After hearing the music a handful of times that night, I just had to reach out to them to get more information. And maybe some more music to dig into.

Now, as I write this and listen to their music once more four months later, I'm still drawn into their musical landscape, moving from heavy, sometimes chaotic, progressive metal to melodic pop ballads via storytelling soundscapes fitting a motion picture.

Please let us introduce you to the Icelandic ensemble Ask the Slave!

In collaboration with We Låve Rock Music, we will release their third full-length album, "Good Things Bad People", in the spring of 2021.

Crime Records will also re-release Ask the Slave's two first albums in remastered versions with bonus tracks.

All albums will be presented in detail later on. So will the rigid collector's box...

Ask the Slave:
"We are extremely happy to announce that we have signed a deal with Crime Records from Norway. Rooting in metal but recently branching out to other, more ill-explained territories, Crime Records is an independent label run by true music lovers who understand and appreciate good, innovative music and offer great support, honesty, and respect to their artists. Needless to say, we are very proud to be part of this family."

Welcome to the family!

And we can't get out of this Covid 19-situation soon enough, so we can meet up, grab a beer together (you may leave the fish!), and get to experience you live on stage. Cheers!

Preorder starts now for the new album by progressive rock legend Clive Nolan, known for his role in bands such as Arena and Pendragon.
The album is based on one of the epics of Old English literature entitled “Beowulf”, a tale of grandeur and heroic deeds, about a Scandinavian warrior fighting the world of evil.
Song of the Wildlands will be released in 2021 in collaboration with We Låve Rock Music and comes in two formats: a double vinyl and an Earbook.
The vinyl comes as a Limited Blood Red and regular black edition, both with a booklet.
The Earbook is a vinyl-size hardback book containing four discs: the album, a special instrumental version of the album, and a documentary on DVD and Blu-ray formats.
Inside the Earbook and the booklet for the LP, you will find amazing artwork by David Wyatt, photographs, English and Old English lyrics, and many other details about the project.
Song of the Wildlands has gathered a vast number of artists, including four soloists, an international 200 voice choir, and a rock band, resulting in a highly impressive musical and visual experience.
There is also an option to get your name in the booklet. The last chance for this is by the end of January 17th, 2021.
To preorder Clive Nolan’s Song of the Wildlands Earbook or vinyl, or have your name printed in the album, visit our online store here:

Monday, 30 November 2020 10:43

Veil of Secrets - “Dead Poetry” out now!


The album is now available on CD Digipak, for streaming on all major streaming services, and as Digital Download on Bandcamp. The LP will be tentatively available in January 2021.

The CD will come as an 8-panel digipak. The first print of the LP will be gatefold, colored “galaxy effect” vinyl, exclusive signed photo, large poster, and strictly limited to only 300 copies. In addition, a digital download is included if the LP is bought at the Crime Records webshop. When this limited print is sold out, the LP will be available as a standard gatefold with black vinyl.

DEAD POETRY contains 8 songs, 48 minutes.
1. “The Last Attempt” 5.24
2. “Sear The Fallen” 6.50
3. “Remorseful Heart” 5.27
4. “The Lie Of Her Prosperity” 6.19
5. “Fey” 6.32
6. “Bryd” 4.27
7. “Meson” 7.02
8. “Entirety” 6.21 


VIBEKE STENE is known as the singer of Tristania, 1997-2007. With VEIL OF SECRETS, STENE has composed the majority of lyrics and vocals.

ASGEIR MICKELSON is known for having played drums in Borknagar, SARKE, Ihsahn -Official- Spiral Architect, Vintersorg,
Abyssic, Testament, and others. With VEIL OF SECRETS, MICKELSON has written all music and recorded drums, guitars, and bass.

Growling vocals on the album were done by ERLING MALM (Endolith, Articulus). Violin was done by SAREETA (Ram-Zet, ex-Ásmegin).

DEAD POETRY is produced by Vibeke Stene and Asgeir Mickelson, mixed at Toproom Studio by Børge Finstad, and mastered at dUb Studio by Endre Kirkesola.


Vitam Aeternam - The Self-Aware Frequency hits the streets today!

It is available on all major streaming services. In addition, you can buy limited physical editions here and digital downloads here.

Overall I would definitely recommend this album to anyone. It’s something so different and encapturing, like watching a movie in the form of music. When it ended I just wanted more, I didn’t want to leave the world I had been surrounded with. I believe this is an album I could go back and listen to time and time again, and each time find something new and exciting within, whether that be discovering a new piece of the story or the intricate music. I have completely fallen in love with this project.

- The Independent Voice Ezine (5/5)

 `The Self Aware Frequency’ is a must-have for Devil Doll fans and I also challenge fans of experimental, progressive, and theatrical rock and metal to dive into this.

- Headbangers Lifestyle