Saturday, 16 November 2019 08:00

Infringement - "Alienism" is available now!

Alienism by Infringement is now available!

It is available as Digipak CD, Gatefold LP on Black and Limited Pink editions, Digital Download, and on all major streaming services.

Check it out!

Infringement - "Alienism"


Once upon a time, there was a band that stated that «Rock’n’roll all nite, Party every day!» was the mantra in life. Here comes the soundtrack for doing exactly that!

Secret Chapter brings you ten powerful metal songs on their debut album named Chapter One, which will make you want to grab that mic stand and get in on the action.

The album will be released on October 18th, 2019 as a Digipack CD, LP, and Digital Download. It will also be available on all major streaming services, like Spotify, Tidal, etc. The Digipack CD also includes two bonus tracks, and one of them is their take on the legendary TNT song “Everyone’s a Star”.

Co-producing, mixing and mastering has been taken care of by the one and only Andy LaRocque (King Diamond) at Sonic Train Studios.

All members of the band have a big passion for powerful music, and they have all played (or still play) in different groups throughout the years (Withem, Maraton, Wild’n’Wicked, Intruder, etc.). They have also been collaborating with musicians and bands like Ronni Le Tekrø (TNT), Tony Mills (TNT), Mats Levén (Yngwie Malmsteen, Candlemass), Pagan’s Mind, Samantha Fox, and Circus Maximus. And one can hear lots of influences in their music, ranging from Judas Priest and Accept on the one hand to TNT and Queensrÿche on the other, and even some Deep Purple is mixed in there.

Get your copy from the Crime Records Webshop. today, play it loud, and let yourself be Baptized in Ecstasy

Secret Chapter - "Chapter One"


Wednesday, 16 October 2019 11:15

Crime Records signs Infringement

Crime Records is excited to announce the signing of Infringement. We will now also focus on ProgRock, and by signing Infringement we take the first step towards just that. And what a fine step that is.

Infringement is now ready to release their second album called Alienism. Working with the band for preparing this and getting all ready have so far been an absolute pleasure.

The release dates for the album are just an average ProgRock song away. It will be made available on all major streaming services on November 1st, and the physical versions will be available on November 16th. Accidentally this latter date collides with Infringement's release concert, where they are playing support for the fantastic act A.C.T in Oslo. Too bad, right? But we'll make it work. ?

For those of you not familiar with Infringement, they have been described as playing something in between neo-progressive rock and symphonic rock, while flirting with various genres throughout their debut album. They touch on big groovy parts with funky rhythms. Other times they clearly visit the 70s. A mix of melodious, symphonic rock with unexpected twists and progressive bar changes.

More information about the album will be posted in the coming weeks, both here and at Infringement's page. So be sure to hit that Like-button over at “their place”.

Saturday, 01 June 2019 14:44

Vingulmork - "Avgrunn" is out now!

Norwegians Vingulmork light it up with a brand new, aggressive blackened metal onslaught!

Avgrunn is an uncompromising 4 song EP that takes the band’s signature of contrasting brutality, speed and melody to a new level.

After the great reception of their 2015 debut Chiaroscuro, the band decided to crank it up a notch and write even heavier, faster and aggressive songs for the next release.

Avgrunn is now available on all streaming platforms, Digipak CD, and a limited run of 10-inch vinyl.



Thursday, 07 March 2019 23:30

Iron Fire - "Beyond the Void" is out now!

The new album from Iron Fire - Beyond the Void are now released!

The reviews are stating that this is a hell of a great album. So get your copy at our webshop.

It is available on Digipack CD and on all major streaming and download services.



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