Critical Solution - 'Barbara the Witch'

Artist: Critical Solution
Title: Barbara the Witch
Catalogno.: 17.0017
Format: Digipak CD incl. Bonus Cover CD and Digital Download
Release date: 28.04.2017
Genre: Horror Thrash Metal
Country: Norway
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Barbara the Witch is the Norwegian Horror Thrash band Critical Solution new concept album. This will be Critical Solution's 3rd effort since 2013.

The record is based on a true story from their hometown Helleland which took place in the 1600s.

Recorded in Sonic Train Studios with producer Andy La Rocque at the helm, this is the most Horror filled album the band has ever made.



CD 1  - 'Barbara the Witch'        
1   Natas Fo Live   02:25   Christer Slettebø, Egil Mydland
2   The Village   03:41   Christer Slettebø, Egil Mydland
3   Barbara the Witch   04:46   Christer Slettebø, Egil Mydland
4   Red Hooded Devils   07:00   Christer Slettebø, Egil Mydland
5   Peter Crow   05:28   Christer Slettebø, Egil Mydland
6   The Burning Pyre   08:11   Christer Slettebø, Egil Mydland, Eimund Grøsfjell, Arthur Brown
7   End of the Beginning   01:34   Christer Slettebø, Egil Mydland
8   The Headless Horsemen   04:19   Christer Slettebø, Egil Mydland
9   Officer Green   03:52   Christer Slettebø, Egil Mydland
10   A Lady in White   04:20   Christer Slettebø
11   Return of the Witch   03:58   Christer Slettebø, Egil Mydland
12   Into the Abyss   02:46   Christer Slettebø, Egil Mydland
    Running time:   52:20    
CD 2  - 'Covers from Hell' *         
1   Locked up in the Snow   03:08   King Diamond, Black Rose
2   Let it Die   04:46   Ozzy Osbourne, Kevin Churko, Adam Wakeman
3   Killed by Death   04:22   Phil Campbell, Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister, Wurzel, Pete Gill
4   Iron Man   05:37   Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Ozzy Osbourne, Bill Ward
5   Speed King   04:17   Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillan, Jon Lord, Ian Paice, Roger Glover
6   Gypsy   06:17   Mick Box, David Byron
    Running time:   28:27

* CD 2 only available as a bonus with the physical CD.


Line up:

Christer Slettebø   Vocals/Guitar
Egil Mydland   Drums
Eimund Grøsfjell   Bass Guitar
Bjørnar Grøsfjell   Guitar



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