VEIL OF SECRETS’ “DEAD POETRY” is set to be released through CRIME RECORDS on November 30th, 2020.

The CD will come as an 8-panel digipak. The first print of the LP will be gatefold, colored “galaxy effect” vinyl, exclusive signed photo, large poster, and strictly limited to only 300 copies. In addition, a digital download is included if the LP is bought at the Crime Records webshop. When this limited print is sold out, the LP will be available as a standard gatefold with black vinyl. “DEAD POETRY” is available on all major streaming services on the release date.

Members of the VoS newsletter are getting an early link and password to order the album on November 1st at 18:00 CET. Join the newsletter at to get the early purchase info (if you don’t receive the confirmation mail, look in your spam folder).

The album is publicly available for pre-order at November 2nd at 18:00 CET.

Crime Records:
– While the CD is ready to be shipped on the release date, we will have to wait about a month for the LP due to extended delivery times at the pressing plant. We understand this is unfortunate for those who want to buy both CD and LP at the same time. Still, since the only option to sync these releases was to delay until next year (only big artists release albums in December!), we decided to go on with the original release date and add the signed photo and poster as a bonus. If you buy the CD/LP bundle, you have the options to get the CD shipped first and LP later, or wait and get the whole order shipped as one to save the extra postage cost. You will get the digital release on November 30th.

“DEAD POETRY” contains 8 songs, 48 minutes.
1. “The Last Attempt” 5.24
2. “Sear The Fallen” 6.50
3. “Remorseful Heart” 5.27
4. “The Lie Of Her Prosperity” 6.19
5. “Fey” 6.32
6. “Bryd” 4.27
7. “Meson” 7.02
8. “Entirety” 6.21

“The Last Attempt” is being released as a single and lyric video on November 13th.


VIBEKE STENE is known as the singer of Tristania, 1997-2007. With VEIL OF SECRETS, STENE has composed the majority of lyrics and vocals.

ASGEIR MICKELSON is known for having played drums in Borknagar, SARKE, Ihsahn -Official- Spiral Architect, Vintersorg,
Abyssic, Testament, and others. With VEIL OF SECRETS, MICKELSON has written all music and recorded drums, guitars, and bass.

Growling vocals on the album were done by ERLING MALM (Endolith, Articulus). Violin was done by SAREETA (Ram-Zet, ex-Ásmegin).

“DEAD POETRY” is produced by Vibeke Stene and Asgeir Mickelson, mixed at Toproom Studio by Børge Finstad, and mastered at dUb Studio by Endre Kirkesola.

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Today the video and single for the track Human, taken from the debut album The Self-Aware Frequency by Vitam Aeternam, is released.

The album will be released on October 23rd, 2020.

Preorder limited physical editions here and digital downloads here.


Thursday, 09 July 2020 00:00

We welcome Veil of Secrets

Crime Records is proud to announce the signing of Veil of Secrets!

Veil of Secrets is the new band collaboration between Vibeke Stene - Official (ex-Tristania) and Asgeir Mickelson (ex-Borknagar, Sarke, Ihsahn, Testament, Spiral Architect, Terra Odium).

Stene does all the clean vocals while Mickelson has handled guitars, drums, and bass. Other musicians on the album include Sareeta (Ram-Zet, ex- Ásmegin) on violin and Erling Malm (Articulus, Endolith) with grim vocals.

Their debut album “Dead Poetry” is doom metal with a symphonic touch at its finest. It was recorded and mixed at Toproom Studio with Børge Finstad, and Endre Kirkesola at DUB Studio handles mastering.

“Dead Poetry” will be released this fall on CD and vinyl.

Please head over to Veil of Secrets’ Facebook page and follow them there. More news and information will be posted both there and on this page soon.

Tuesday, 07 July 2020 18:00

Clive Nolan signs with Crime Records

Crime Records have joined forces with We Låve Rock Music to release the new project Song of the Wildlands by Clive Nolan!

We are excited to be a part of this project and are looking forward to giving you more information about the release in the coming months.

The libretto is based on the Old English epic poem “Beowulf” and tells the tale of the heroic warrior, who conquers the giant Grendel and slays the dragon.

The album will feature four soloists, an orchestra, and a choir of 200 voices singing in Anglo-Saxon.

"I am happy to announce that I have signed a deal with ‘Crime Records’ and ‘WLRM’ for the recording and release of Song of the Wildlands. The deal was actually done before the pandemic struck, but now we have ironed out some additional details I thought this was a good time to announce it."
- Clive Nolan


The LP-version of Iron Fire - Beyond the Void is now also available through distribution.

So ask your local record store(/webshop) for your copy today! ?

And thanks to those who have already ordered it directly from our webshop. ?

Please welcome aboard Vitam Aeternam and their debut album The Self-Aware Frequency.

This album is special. It caught our attention immediately, and we are sure it will grab yours too. Dumping down unexpectedly in our mailbox, we instantly felt we had something unique in our hands. In a mostly generic music world, which somehow has become a bit dull, we finally discovered a band that pushes borders and develops music into soundscapes not common for human ears. No one does what they do! Even though you can hear and feel a clear and honest influence from the extraordinary cult act DEVIL DOLL (hey, its by purpose, and done with the most significant respect after all), they still sound fresh and original with a certain and special integrity.

Based on feedback from music lovers and press so far, people tend to agree with us. It's not a bold statement, but here we have an album that will be talked about in the years to come.

The release is set for this fall. We will come back with more details about the physical releases, but we can say this: They will be awesome!

While waiting for further details, you can see and hear the first video teaser here.