Octohawk - 'Determinist'

Artist: Octohawk
Title: Determinist
Catalog no.: 23.0045
  • Digipak CD
  • Gatefold LP - Limited Edition
  • Digital Download
Release date: 07.06.2024
Genre: Sludgy, Proggy, and Groovy Heavy Metal
Country: Norway
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Determinist is Norway's progressive sludge masters Octohawk's sequel to their highly acclaimed debut album Animist. The album will hit fans of The Ocean, Mastodon, and Igorr right in the face.
With expanded diversity, heavier and more of the good stuff – Just the right kind of heavy!

The new album takes the listener out of the prehistoric world from Animist and into the current and future era of determinism: Humanity has left the world of mysteries, wonders, and chance. In a reality where all is calculated, analyzed, and predetermined, humans thrive on scientific progress, but at what cost? If everything is certain, humans have deprived themselves of the illusion of free will and the wonders of life.

Octohawk's sophomore album, Determinist, is a synopsis of the deterministic era, from the humble experimental beginnings to the complete coalescence with ever-flowing information. Each of the seven tracks represents the significant stages in this endeavor, from man on the ground to being a part of the eternal stream.


Track: Duration:
1.   Arcane Dawn   7:43
2.   Quantum Age   6:03
3.   Decode   8:04
4.   Momentum   6:21
5.   Earthrise   1:42
6.   Beyond Tomorrow   5:23
7.   Gateways   5:03


Line up:

David Jøndahl Hjellum   Drums
Christian Schei   Guitar
Stian Svorkmo   Vocal and Guitar
Steffen Overaa   Synth and Vocal
Espen Geitsund   Bass



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