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Omnia Moritur


In 2014 Kjetil Ytterhus (Profane Burial, Hogstul, Khora) and André Aaslie (Vitam Aeternam, Funeral, Images At Twilight, Abyssic a.o) founded Omnia Moritur. The original idea was to create sombre funeral doom metal, and in 2016 Funeral drummer Anders Eek joined on drums. Then they started looking for a guitarist to cooperate with. This was not a process without adversities, and it was not until 2017 they finally found the right guitarist to complete the puzzle. This was the beginning of a unique collaboration between the other founder of legendary Funeral, Thomas Angell. Two guys from Funeral then...

So let's change the original idea and play heavy death metal instead!

To this odd story, it's fair to tell why Angell left Funeral in the late nineties. He was tired of playing slow-paced funeral doom and started making more up-tempo chuggy riffs highly inspired by Fredrik Thordendals' groundbreaking work in Meshuggah. Aaslie and Ytterhus decided to throw away all the original Omnia Moritur stuff and dive into this gold coffin filled with two decades of Angell-riffs. They made chord progressions around the massive riffs with piano, synth effects, Mellotrons, and huge orchestrations. Together with Angell, everything was arranged together into songs.

During this period, the quartet started to look for a vocalist. They wanted a clean vocal somewhere close to Peter Steele, death grunts like Dan Swanô and Glen Benton, and they also wanted some high pitch-black metal vocal. Does a guy like that even exist? Yes! Gøran Setitus (ex-Setherial, Svartghast) from Sundsvall in Sweden had it all. When he sent over his oral application through the song Omnipotence in April 2018, the very right frontman was hired right away. The following year Setitus composed all his vocals. And unfortunately, Anders Eek decided to leave the band. He felt the new direction of the music wasn't right for him. In came a new drummer, but that wasn't really a match. Then Kim Larsen came in as a studio session drummer. After the album was finished, the band again found a new drummer in Anders Hoel (Dystopia Nå!), who already has rehearsed with the band for upcoming live shows. He will also play drums on the next album.

In the fall of 2021, one of the original founders, Kjetil Ytterhus, decided to leave Omnia Moritur to focus on his other projects.


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