Infidus - 'Endless Greed'

Artist: Infidus
Title: Endless Greed
Catalog no.: 21.0038
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  • Digital Download
Release date: 22.04.2022
Genre: Progressive Metal, Grunge
Country: Norway
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Endless greed – the pitfall of humanity? Once, a necessity for survival and a primal trait coded into our genes. Today, it seems more like a toxic trait for humanity as a whole. Something ugly that must be curbed and hidden in the closet. A trait that feeds into the tragedy of commons.

Infidus – the Norwegian/Swedish 5-piece – captures some dark messages with their debut album Endless Greed. However, the musical landscape is diverse with heavy riff passages and catchy melody lines, and you will find a bold blend of classic rock and modern progressive metal.

The album consists of 7 songs that will wake you up through a powerful vocal backed by tight and groovy riff sections. "The animal" behind the drums manages the art of combining both groove and some intricate odd beats and polyrhythms.

Endless Greed is a delicious meat bone – hard and tasty.

Produced by Infidus.
Mixed and mastered by Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman, Gothenburg (In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, At the Gates, Bring me the Horizon, Dream Evil).
Album Artwork by Ella A Rogne.


Track: Duration:
1.   Infidus   4:45
2.   Locomotive   3:54
3.   Mind Rape   6:13
4.   The Tragedy   4:14
5.   Endless Greed   4:50
6.   Beyond the Plimsoll Mark   4:09
7.   Multiply & Die   5:21

Line up:

Øyvind Hetland   Guitar / Vocals
Kenneth Andresen   Guitar / Vocals
Trond Lund   Drums
Øyvind Østensen   Bass
Mikael Willy Wilhelmsson   Vocals



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