Innsmouth - 'The Shadow Over Innsmouth'

Artist: Innsmouth
Title: The Shadow Over Innsmouth
Catalogno.: 14.0004
Format: CD and Digital Download
Release date: 10.10.2014
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Denmark
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Technical Death Metal with an eerie Lovecraftian horror/sci-fi vibe. The debut album by Innsmouth features brutal & technical metal mixed with plenty of influence from the 80´s shred metal scene. Made by musicians who have not been willing to compromise their musical values and who value virtuosity. The Shadow over Innsmouth is full of demonic vocals, bone-crushing riffs, menacing bass and heavy amounts of extreme shredding. For fans of Nile, Cacophony, Obscura, Necrophagist etc.


Line up:

Kim Brandhøj   Vocals
Thor Sejersen Riis   Guitar
Martin Munch Christensen   Bass



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