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Catakomb, a thrilling newcomer to the Norwegian heavy rock scene, hails from Larvik in Vestfold, and their intense dedication to the genre is palpable. Their electrifying live shows, which have enthralled audiences worldwide, continue to garner enthusiastic acclaim. Drawing from a unique blend of influences, including the melodic sensibilities of Thin Lizzy, the dark energy of mid-era Black Sabbath, and the grunge-infused sound of Alice in Chains, Catacomb’s signature sound is a captivating fusion. Elevated by the blues-infused heavy rock vocals reminiscent of David Coverdale, their music is a journey yet to be explored.

Catakomb is more than just another heavy rock band; they are driven and poised to leave an indelible mark on heavy rock enthusiasts. This is only the initial stage of their journey, and they eagerly invite you to stay tuned for what lies ahead.



The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse   Album   2024   Buy physical editions   Buy digital download



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