Ask the Slave - 'Kiss Your Chora [Remixed & Remastered]'

Artist: Ask the Slave
Title: Kiss Your Chora [Remixed & Remastered]
Catalog no.: 20.0031
  • Digipak CD (Bonus Tracks)
  • Digital Download
Release date: 04.06.2021
Genre: Progressive Metal
Country: Iceland
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In a DIY effort, Ask the Slave's debut, Kiss Your Chora, was recorded by the members themselves in their very own Studio Chora and released independently on CDR in a limited amount of 100 copies. Now, some 14 years later, through Norwegian cult label Crime Records, this long-out-of-print oddity will be made available again and this time on international ground. The album has been remixed and remastered, containing two bonus tracks.



Track: Duration:
1.   Bathtub   3:19
2.   Great Garbo   4:04
3.   Slave   3:33
4.   They Were The Brain Police   0:50
5.   Little Red Rooster   3:06
6.   Silver Cock   1:20
7.   Some Text Missing   6:53
8.   Hugging Radiators   3:33
9.   Bulldozer   4:48
10.   Greta Garbo [Acoustic Live Radio Performance]   3:25
11.   Bathtub [Live]   4:44


Line up: 

Elvar Atli Ævarsson    Guitar & Vocals
Gunnar Freyr Hilmarsson   Bass
Ragnar Ólafsson   Lead Vocals & Yogurt
Valur Árni Guðmundsson   Drums & Programming



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