Ask the Slave - 'The Order of Things [Remastered]'

Artist: Ask the Slave
Title: The Order of Things [Remastered]
Catalog no.: 20.0032
  • Digipak CD (Bonus Tracks)
  • Digital Download
Release date: 04.06.2021
Genre: Progressive Metal
Country: Iceland
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Originally released in 2010 and only ever distributed in their native Iceland, Ask the Slave's sophomore offering, The Order of Things, will finally be available again and now overseas for the first time courtesy of Crime Records from Norway. The album has been remastered for this occasion and contains three bonus tracks, including one studio outtake.

Upon its original release, The Order of Things caused quite a stir in the Icelandic rock and metal scene. Confusing for some but rewarding for those accepting challenges, the album received heaps of praise from reviewers both locally and internationally. In attempting to pin down the album's sound, reviewers mentioned acts as diverse as Tool, Faith No More, Opeth, Pain of Salvation, Sonic Youth, and Frank Zappa, all the while applauding Ask the Slave for developing their own unique way of approaching heavy rock music. 



Track: Duration:
1.   The Order of Things   3:13
2.   Something Got in the Water   5:46
3.   I Fucked Up   2:43
4.   Peeling Skin   4:14
5.   For the Sake of Conversation   5:56
6.   A Place in the Forest   1:45
7.   Sleep Now   3:36
8.   Smell Yourself   2:38
9.   Zero   1:55
10.   Sleep Some More   4:54
11.   Slave   6:31
12.   The King of Prunes [Outtake]   3:15
13.   Zero [Acoustic Live Radio Performance]   1:59
14.   The Order of Things [Demo]   3:22


Line up: 

Elvar Atli Ævarsson    Guitar & Vocals
Engilbert Hauksson   Bass
Hinrik Þór Oliversson   Drums & Percussion
Ragnar Ólafsson   Lead Vocals
Valur Guðmundsson   Guitar



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