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Vitam Aeternam


Vitam Aeternam is an experimental musical project formed by entities known as Jake Rosenberg (Desperate Machines, In Progress), Râhoola (A Flying Fish, ex-Inferzenal), and André Aaslie (Funeral, Profane Burial, Images At Twilight, Abyssic, Gromth, Woodwindz, and Omnia Moritur). It's through chance and shared musical values that such entities were able to create an original album full of complex, emotional, dramatic, haunting, melodic, intense, and cinematic music. An honest work from the subconscious depths, and a prodigious offspring of our interconnected digital zeitgeist.


Line up:

Jake Rosenberg   Keyboards, Piano, Programming, Sampling
Râhoola   Vox, Choir, Keyboards, Piano, Orchestration, Programming, and Sound Design
André Aaslie   Piano, Orchestration, Moog, Mellotron



The Self-Aware Frequency   Album   2020    Buy physical editions.    Buy digital downloads.
Human   Single   2020        Buy digital downloads.



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