Friday, 11 December 2020 18:00

Preorder 'Song of the Wildlands' by Clive Nolan!

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Preorder starts now for the new album by progressive rock legend Clive Nolan, known for his role in bands such as Arena and Pendragon.
The album is based on one of the epics of Old English literature entitled “Beowulf”, a tale of grandeur and heroic deeds, about a Scandinavian warrior fighting the world of evil.
Song of the Wildlands will be released in 2021 in collaboration with We Låve Rock Music and comes in two formats: a double vinyl and an Earbook.
The vinyl comes as a Limited Blood Red and regular black edition, both with a booklet.
The Earbook is a vinyl-size hardback book containing four discs: the album, a special instrumental version of the album, and a documentary on DVD and Blu-ray formats.
Inside the Earbook and the booklet for the LP, you will find amazing artwork by David Wyatt, photographs, English and Old English lyrics, and many other details about the project.
Song of the Wildlands has gathered a vast number of artists, including four soloists, an international 200 voice choir, and a rock band, resulting in a highly impressive musical and visual experience.
There is also an option to get your name in the booklet. The last chance for this is by the end of January 17th, 2021.
To preorder Clive Nolan’s Song of the Wildlands Earbook or vinyl, or have your name printed in the album, visit our online store here: