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Infringement is a progressive rock band based in Oslo. The band came together on a cold November evening in 2015, when Stig André Clason, Kristoffer Utby, and Hans Andreas Brandal all met for the first time, to drink whiskey and discuss the idea of forming a new band.

In Springtime 2016, Espen Larsen joined the band on bass, and the band had decided to write a concept album, Transition. Released in May of 2017, it follows the development of a local society through the last couple of centuries. Focusing on one family across different generations, seen through the eyes of an anthropomorphic house.

To complete the lineup, Bård Thorstensen joined the band for the live shows and hasn't left since.

Infringement has been described as playing something in between neo-progressive rock and symphonic rock while flirting with various genres throughout their debut album. They touch on big groovy parts with funky rhythms, other times they clearly visit the 70s. A mix of melodious, symphonic rock with unexpected twists and progressive bar changes.

After spending the last two years writing, fine-tuning, and recording their next album, Infringement is now ready for the next chapter. Alienism, a large sounding, intense concept album peeks into the mind of patients at the Gentmire Institute, an institution at the forefront of psychiatrical innovation. We get the insights of the commissioner of Lunacy himself, and through his journals, we enter the world of The Alienist. So let us all escape reality and seek comfort in our minds.


Line up:

Hans Andreas Brandal   Vocals
Stig André Clason   Guitar and Vocals
Kristoffer Utby   Drums and Vocals
Bård Thorstensen   Keys
Espen Larsen   Bass



Alienism   2019    Buy physical edition.    Buy digital download at Bandcamp or CD Baby.
Transition   2017    Buy physical edition.    



Interview-requests, promo-pictures, etc.: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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