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Ask the Slave - 'Good Things Bad People'

Artist: Ask the Slave
Title: Good Thing Bad People
Catalog no.: 20.0033
  • Digipak CD
  • Digital Download
Release date: 04.06.2021
Genre: Progressive Metal
Country: Iceland
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Dubbed by their local media as "brain-stimulating musical perverts", the original problem child of Icelandic rock, Ask the Slave, has been raising eyebrows since 2004, making music true to their credo of "wtf?!" Now, teamed up with esteemed Norwegian independent label Crime Records, and in collaboration with We Låve Rock Music, the band is ready to launch their third full-length album. The album in question, Good Things Bad People, is their first release in 11 years and their first to be distributed internationally.

Those already familiar with the group's back catalog will know better than expect a conventional rock record. In true Ask the Slave fashion, the album comprises a wide range of sounds and moods. Although presented in a coherent flow, the album manages to be at the same time heavy and dark, soft and beautiful, serious and angry, and silly. Brace yourselves for heavy riffs, grand choruses, clever guitar-interplay, haunting melodies, catchy pop hooks, twists-and-turns, odd time signatures, far-out character-play, and a healthy dose of internal band humor.

This album is released in co-operation with We Låve Rock Music.



Track: Duration:
1.   Catch 22   2:42
2.   Wounded Knee   6:26
3.   White Vigilante   9:09
4.   Good Things Bad People   2:56
5.   Katie Mae   6:09
6.   Slave   2:45
7.   The Beginning of the Blues   4:21
8.   Eulogy   4:09
9.   Tag, You're It!   6:18
10.   Chain Gang   4:08
11.   Catch 33   3:44


Line up: 

Elvar Atli Ævarsson    Guitars & Vocals
Hálfdán Árnason   Bass & Synthesizer
Ragnar Ólafsson   Piano & Lead Vocals
Skúli Gíslason   Drums & Percussion
Valur Árni Guðmundsson   Guitars & Vocals



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