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Tuesday, 06 January 2015 00:00

Brood of Hatred

In the beginning, the universe was born out of nothingness.
The war between the great forces started violently and ended fast, and the young universe was doomed to be left-handed, and asymmetrical and the arrow of time was just advancing it's predetermined future.
Billions of years passed, then matter made life, life made man and man made god. God made Satan and Satan wanted to corrupt man, but man had the tool, and the tool was rebellious and it slowly took control of men's life. The tool is now called technology and it's evolving very fast, to the point where it became intelligent and a new race was born that is going to wipe out all of humanity and it's delusion world.
The genocide lasted for years but when the killing stopped all what was left had to be conquered.
Billions of years passed, then the universe became old and started to weaken.
The sound of it's falling was all that could be heard. Black holes are cleaning what was left of dying stars then black holes died themselves and the universe was left cold and dark.

Brood Of Hatred is a Tunisian [North Africa] one-man concept, Death Metal Act brought together in 2010 by Muhammed Mêlki. The first EP, called New Order of Intelligence, recorded in February 2012, has been released on March 2012, followed by releasing two official videos. The first full-length album, Skinless Agony, was released in 2014.

Expect some haunting atmospheres guiding you thought progressive journeys and some unconventional writing inspired by the strange state of mind that characterizes the concept.



Muhammed Mêlki   Songwriting, concepts, and direction



Identity Disorder   2018   CD    Digital Download
Observing   2017       Digital Download
Skinless Agony   2014   CD   Digital Download
New Order of Intelligence   2012   EP (CD)



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