Sunday, 20 December 2020 18:00

New Signing!

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Crime Records are excited to announce the signing of the new Norwegian act OCTOHAWK.
We had most of our plans laid down for the coming year when we were introduced to this excellent gang of lads by a friend of ours. The clear message we received was: You better check out this band! And so we did.
Firstly, getting their promo package told us immediately that we had to do with a creative and productive band.
Listening to their music put our headbanging genes to the test. And watching their video turned our evil grins on our faces into big smiles.
We think their unique take on the combination of Sludge, Prog, Stoner, and Doom is something that will get many a music lover excited, and being the cool guys that they are, what's not to like!
"It's official; we have struck a deal with Crime Records! We had one meeting with these fabulous people, and it was love at first sight. This collaboration is the perfect team for our upcoming debut album ANIMIST! We have now signed the deal, and the spoil is imminent! The first single from ANIMIST will be released soon, and we are primed and ready to give you some new heavy shit!"
More information about the full-length debut album "Animist" will come in the coming weeks. It will be made available on a Digipak CD, Digital Download, and on all Major Streaming services in the spring of 2021.